“Attaining the state of equanimity (SAMATVAM) is yoga.”
—Bhagavad Gita



Complete Care of Mind

A six-days residential course with

Krishan Verma

From 9th - 15th August 2020 in LATVIA

Introducing a New Course

Whether you want to achieve worldly success or spiritual fulfillment, your mind must be balanced, focused, and free from unnecessary mental activities.

“During the past 20 years, I have developed and taught several yoga programs all around the world, but I feel that this course is a must for those who care for their wellbeing specifically, their minds.”—Krishan

In the SAMATVAM course, you will learn:

  • How to take proper care of your body and Prana Sheath consisting of kundalini, prana, nadis, and chakras. The health of your body and Prana Sheath is vital to the health of your body and mind.
  • How to keep your mind free from day-to-day judgments, worries, and anxiety.
  • How to accept, embrace, and empower yourself.
  • How to cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Compassion is the soothing balm that provides comfort to your body, mind, and soul.
  • How to erase unnecessary impressions stored in the mind and not to accumulate any more.
  • How to achieve and maintain the state of equanimity in your daily life.
  • The powerful OJAS practice which consists of unique physical movements, contractions, and expansions, combined with breathing exercises, meditations, and other processes. It’s a 30-45 minutes practice that you can do daily at home.

Three days of this course will be in deep silence with yoga, meditations and wisdom.

Some Expected Benefits:

  • You feel healthier and stronger at all levels of your being. Chronic pains may reduce significantly.
  • All bodily functions improve.
  • Your Prana Sheath becomes healthier. As a result, you feel more energy and enthusiasm.
  • You develop a refined awareness that enables you to see yourself and others in a more positive way.
  • You accept, embrace, and empower yourself, and you begin to like yourself more in a humble way.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem improve. You feel alive again.
  • Your mind becomes calm, pleasant, and equanimous.
  • You begin to experience SAMATVAM at all levels of your being.


A sincere desire to learn how to take proper care of your body and mind, and willingness to take responsibility for your wellbeing.


Seats are limited!

The Teacher:

Yogacharya Shiromani Krishan Verma

Krishan Verma is an extraordinary Yoga teacher, awarded with a highly revered title of Yogacharya Shiromani, having more than 20 years of yoga teaching experience worldwide. His mastery of Yoga, vast knowledge and most importantly - teaching methodology brings out the best from his students and makes one to aspire for yoga on a daily basis. His message is always practical and relevant to daily life. He is a true inspiration!


Phone: +371 27 818 599, +371 291 73 934
Venue: Bille, Drabešu pagasts, Amatas novads, LV-4139